Naked Nu Lashes

Lash Extensions are applied one by one to each individual lash for a fuller more visible look. Each set is customized to your liking so you can be natural or go all out with your look.

Classic Fullset - $95

Classic Fill- $60

Hybrid Fullset- $115

Hybrid Fill- $70

Volume Fullset-$135

Volume Fill- $80

Mega Volume Fullset- $150

Mega Volume Fill-$90

Foreign Fill- $85

Lash Tint $30

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Naked Nu Waxing

Tired of shaving and feeling like your hair is growing back the next day?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

Brow Wax- $15

Lip Wax- $15

Chin Wax- $15

Underarm Wax- $15

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Naked NU Locs

Locs are one of our favorite services to provide. We use all natural products that don’t cause build up. Each service is customized to your crowns needs.

Loc Extenstions Install-$350 (starting price)
Starter Locs - $100

Loc Retwist-$65

Loc Style & Retwist- $80

Retwist Half Head- $50

LocStyle Only- $45

Wash Retwist & Style- $100

Crochet Retwist- $75


Instant Locs-$165

Kids Retwist & Style- $55

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Naked NU Curly Hair

We know how hard it can be to have curly hair. Let us take your stresses away and help provide you with manageability.

Curl Renewal- $90

Deep condition- $30

Detangle- $45

Wash & Style- $50

Flat Iron only-$35

Silk Press-$80

Silk Press Upgrade-$95

Comb Coils-$60

Kids Silk Press- $45

Hot Oil Treatment-$30

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Naked NU Brows

Having a nice set of brows can definitely boost your confidence!

Brow Lamination & Tint-$75

Brow Lamination-$70

Brow Tint Regular-$15

Brow Tint Henna-$25


Brow Wax-$15

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Naked Nu Skin Care

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